[2021] Recommended boy for kendo armor set of popular NICEKEN Index 5 election / Nice sword

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[2021] Recommended popular NICEKEN Index 3 election / Nice sword of the boy for the Kendo armor set

Good squid ... Once you have chosen which one face, body, trowel, vertical.
Any manufacturer that good or ....
Good or ... When and where bought.

I think you various troubles.

So this time,Or you may choose a kendo armor setWe introduce a ranking format. Please do work hard in practice to choose the best armor to their easy movement and safe.

This article is its own investigation and to create, is what was put aggregate ranking.

... Before you look for the sword tool.

There kendo armor important that will protect their own
I think the price is chosen a cheaper,It is a good person who had stopped to buy only the priceis.

There are various features in armor, age, physique, is armor that is suitable, such as the skill there, respectively. Firmly considered as the presence that will protect their own, to choose, but please go to cherish.


How to choose the kendo armor set

You want to be sure to check when choosing a kendo armor "four points"We introduce.

① beginner will first choose the set of "for beginners"

Kendo armor set is, four of the surface-body-trowel-dripping.
Price is cheaper, but easy to move because it is made as for beginners (for children), it is characterized by ease of wear.Beginners introductory set without unreasonableLet's choose a.

② it and choosing a stabbed width for the purpose

The kendo armor, there is a notation such as ○○ mm thorn.
This will be the "width that pierced the thread" to the futon you are using armor. The higher the stab width is narrowed becomes strong, there is a sense of quality. Will be soft and width stab the opposite is wide.

Those who first time to the kendo Let's choose a stab width that wide.
Stab wide and cushioning properties rise, it has the effect of suppressing the pain.

In addition, you can soft for arms also prevent the surface from being caught.

If you challenge the dan stab Let's choose a fine thing or manual feed.

There is a sense of quality that it is fine stab, the better the appearance. You can also strive more and more durable training. If you want to challenge dan would be a good choice narrow armor or manual feed armor of stab width.


③ small size also trying to check

You can choose the M · L size, but when to order Let's order are working to firmly size. Recommended to consult your local armor shop is the time of purchase because there is also a place where us to fine-tune the size in the armor shop in the region.

If you want to buy mail order is firmly measure the size, we recommend where you can order by size.


Trying to check the ease of ④ TeIri

Ken tool will become the cause of the odor and mold and care is poor due to sweat. Ken tool of modern Let's firmly confirmation because there is a variety of performance.

Recommended antibacterial processed products

But after the training it is basic to shade the kendo armor,The commodity human perspiration odor is a concern is using the materials and sewing thread you have a deodorizingLet's choose. There are also those who use the Toray products.

Recommended washing can armor

Good ventilation in jersey material, there is likely to wash even dry armor. The photograph is a good try various looking for because it is part of the jersey armor. You can also wash and put in the washing machine into the net.
※ The basic detergent do not use.

So kendo armor set of recommendations Popularity Index 3 election

The# 1 Itadakikuro

Appearance may be at an affordable price. From infant size to adult size it is supported.

Sickening 6mm Total Upholes
Sticking name alignment
Dark blue naname sashimi

Surface: Cloud-shaped surface of the woven part in the brain careta part Naname cut specification
House: Total Wife
Body: the top black of chest decorations of the whole armor dense building, dark blue diagonal stabbing, this cloud S decoration to take the luxury and balance
Pendarization: Total Weaving Seeds 5-Stage Destiner Staring Cross-Located Face Tool Eyes


# 2 Childhood-boy for the sword tool set VS600 (versus 600) 6mm sewing machine Otoge

Here also affordable by the total Otoge. Supports from less than for childhood forearm.



6mm sewing machine thorn (dark blue pegging)

For childhood: 12 Jura Menkin, futon diagonal thorn-Kinoete No conidia
Surface size: 58cm ~ 61cm correspondence

Boy for: The 13 Jura Menkin, futon diagonal thorn-Kinoete 1 DanIkuko
Surface size: 60cm ~ 64cm correspondence
Body: Leather Flip-flashing Berri tailoring

There are less than 4S size for childhood.

# 3 Prawn Jr. (Junior) 6mm diagonal thorns boy for Japan × Bushu positive Aizen

Surface: 6mm Nanommunity 4mm pitch helical
Jura Turning Back Red Round Round Cotton
Jaw✕Decorative 3-stage flexible vertical I character W chain type
House: Total Total Wife
Pendarization: Total tie helical hyperpendicum 4-stage W chain decorative woven
Is a little high price, you can use without stress by to fit the body. It is recommended for elementary school students want more progress.


How was it? Kendo armor there is the best thing depending on the intended use. Instead of choosing a cheap thing, it is important to choose a sword tool for your children. It will lead to progress by wearing a good armor. Important thing is armor that will protect their own. You can use many years by performing the maintenance correctly. Feel free to it, please contact us if you have, such as what trouble is that.


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