Terms of Use

Terms of Use (hereinafter referred to as "this law") is the service that Morimoto Kendo (hereinafter referred to as "our company") is provided on this website (hereinafter referred to as "this service" It is to determine the terms of use of). Registered users (hereinafter referred to as "User"), this service will be used according to the terms and conditions.

Article 1 (Apply)
These terms are applied to any relationship involved in the use of this service between the user and the company.

Article 2 Member
1. After approving the Terms of Administration, after completing the specified join procedure, "member" will be acknowledged by our company.
2. If we judge that we approve as a member, you may not be approved by admission.
3. Only one member can be registered for "1 member".

Article 3 Managing Passwords
1. All of the passwords registered on this site and their responsibility for their use shall be assumed.
2. There is no act of password transfer, trading and lending.
3. We shall not take any responsibility for negligence of passwords by members and any damage associated with the use of third parties. The intention to be held against the company using a password is regarded as an emphasis on the intention of a valid member that falls under this password.

Article 4 Registration Information for Members
1. Membership registration information shall be owned by our company, information that individuals can identify (name, address, phone number, email address), etc., other than deposit to consignees within the scope necessary for providing this service, member In principle, as a rule, as in principle, as a rule, except for those with the disclosure of the person, we will not provide external offering.
2. Regardless of the preceding paragraph, the following cases may disclose part of member registration information (name and address) without the consent of the member.
(1) If you decide that we will disaffed to our company and other members or third parties, it will be disclosed for police or related organizations
(2) When we decide to disclose registration information from agencies with police, court, prosecutors, bar associations, consumer centers, and their permissions according to these, we decide to respond to this
(3) If we judge that we are considered considerable disclosure
3. We do not accept any false declaration for all items of registration information to declare members during joining.
4. If a change occurs in the registration information of the member, the member shall promptly perform a predetermined procedure.

Article 5 Prohibition of use outside the range of private use
If we approve (if you have a third party with rights regarding the information), any of the information you want to obtain through us will also be replicated, except that we have a third party with respect to the information. , Sales, publication, etc. We shall not be used beyond the scope of private use.

Article 6 Prohibition of Membership
1. We will prohibit the acts that fall under the members of the members or their risks.
(1) Acts against public order and morals
(2) Acts connected to criminal acts
(3) Act that violates laws and regulations
(4) Action that violates our copyrights and other intellectual property rights of our company and other members or third parties
(5) Action that violates our company and other members or third party assets, privacy etc.
(6) Action that disadvantages with our company and other members or third parties
(7) Acts that slander and slander of our company and other members or third parties
(8) Acts that interfere with the operation of our books, etc. or damage to our trust
(9) All operating acts using the status of our members who do not obtain our approval
(10) Acts that violate the laws such as the election movement or the act similar to this, or the official election law
(11) Act that makes false answers to all questions conducted by our company including admission procedure
(12) Action that sends or writes harmful computer programs etc.
(13) Act that illegally using ID and password
(14) Act that we recognized that our other members are inappropriate as an act of the member

Article 7 Member qualification
1. If the following items fall under the following items, we shall limit the use of all or part of the service without prior notice and acceptance to the member, or delete the member qualification.
(1) When violating the prohibited matters set forth in Article 6
(2) When member declaration information of members by joining and subsequent questionnaires is intentional false declaration and our recognition
(3) When using or used the password incorrectly
(4) When we have an unauthorized act that does not recognize
(5) Other cases where we judged as inappropriate
2. If you decide to qualify, the member shall delete all rights to our company.

Article 8
If the member retires from our company, it will be delivered to us according to a given procedure, and after the end of the residence procedure, it will be withdrawn.

Change of Condition 9
We shall be able to change these terms at any time without prior notice and acceptance to members. The content of the change is considered to be acknowledged by all members when it is displayed one month on this site. However, if there is a risk of affecting a third party, if an unexpected situation is expected, the term change was conducted without waiting for the above period.

Article 10 Service Interruption, Stop
1. If our company applies below, you may stop or interrupt some or all of our service content without prior notice and acceptance to members.
(1) When maintaining or updating the computer system applied to this service
(2) When the service is difficult due to the force majeure such as earthquakes, lightning strikes, fires, blackouts or natural disasters
(3) When a computer or communication line is stopped due to an accident
(4) In addition, when we judged that our service is difficult to provide
2. With the above situation, even if the member occurs in the case of a member, we will be responsible for that responsibility.

Article 11 Changes in service content, cancellation
1. We may change or cancel the service content of this site without prior notice and acceptance to members.
2. Based on the preceding paragraph, if you change and discontinued the service content, we shall be responsible if the member causes disadvantages and damage.

Article 12 Stop service
We may stop the service of this site with a certain notice period.

Article 13 Handling of personal information
Our collected personal information is handled as follows. When we provide personal information to our company, please agree to the following handling.
1. The purpose of use of this personal information is as follows.
(1) Membership management
(2) Sales of goods and services
(3) Packing and shipping work of products etc.
(4) Provision of warranty and after-sales service (including inquiries from customers)
(5) Information analysis (such as analysis of the buyer layer)
(6) Implementation of information about new products and new services and questionnaires for customers
2. We do not disclose and leak the above personal information to a third party. However, please note in advance that this is not limited to this case.
(1) If our company and business consignee are required to fulfill a contractual obligation to customers, such as customer names and addresses for delivery companies and information on addresses to original products, etc.
(2) When requested to disclose information about customers from court and other judicial agencies and administrative agencies based on laws and regulations
(3) When we need to protect our own company, customer or third party rights and property
(4) When we work with our customers and other customers or third parties, we will avoid that our company or our affiliate works annoying or damaging.
(5) If you provide information such as your name, address, etc., you can easily determine yourself. However, if you can not provide information such as your name and address, we will not provide our customers to our customers.
(6) Customers can ask us to disclose personal information about the name, address, phone number, etc. after the personal information is entered. Also, if the disclosure is incorrect for the personal information, customers can request that the personal information can be corrected or deleted. If disclosure, correction or deletion is required, please contact your person in charge or consultation counter about your personal information in the next section.
(7) Please contact Morimoto Kendo House from the site inquiry form when asking for personal information management to be provided.

Article 14 Disclaimer
1. We do not take any responsibility for the damage caused by members or third parties due to delayed or interrupted by the service provision of this site, regardless of the reason.
2. We do not take any responsibility for the accuracy of the information obtained through the use of the site of this site, compatibility with specific purposes, etc.
3. We shall not take any responsibility if damages occur due to the information obtained through the use of the service of this site.
4. With regard to the information and services provided through this site, if there is a member or other member or a third party, the member shall solve this at your own cost and responsibility, and do not damage it. It will be
5. We do not take any responsibility for the implementation of the debt related to the transactions such as members and third parties, such as members of this site, and the disputes arising for other transactions.
6. We shall not take any responsibility for the issues that occur from there, with the disclosure of registration information of members under Article 4, paragraph 2 and paragraph 3.
7. Our debt failure responsibility is disclaimed if our intention or weight loss does not occur.
8. The Company is responsible for any reason, but in the range of damages that can usually occur, pay service (in the case of continuous service) in the range of payments (for continuous service) It shall be responsible for

Article 15 About this service provision
1. How to apply
We shall apply for use of this service from this site.
2. Application time
We will accept the application for 24 hours, but you may not be able to accept applications due to server maintenance etc. Even in this case, we shall not take any responsibility.
3. Display price
Price display is a tax display.
4. Delivery fee
The shipping fee is a member uniformly 1,100 yen nationwide.
5. Payment method
Users shall be used separately as a compensation for this service, and shall be paid by the method of specifying the usage fee to be displayed on this website.
If the user has delayed payment of the usage fee, the user shall pay a delayed loss due to a percentage of 14.6% a year.
6. When the contract is established
When "Order Confirmation Email" was sent to our customers, we shall establish a sales contract between customers and our company for the product you ordered.
7. Purchase document
Since we will replace "purchase documents" with "Order confirmation email" sent by email from our company, please keep in mind.
8. Addressee
The shipping address is limited to Japan.
9. Delivery date
Usually, we will ship at around 2 weeks to one month after receiving your order.
However, please note that the delivery date fluctuates significantly depending on the product or stock status.
10. Cancellation, return / replacement
(1) Cancel can be canceled within 24 hours from the order date and time.
If you would like to cancel the contract, please contact your site contact window.
(2) Cancellation after product delivery etc., etc. will be accepted only if the shipped product is different from defective or ordered products.
(Only if you have contacted within 7 days from the arrival of the product.)
Please note that cancellation and returned goods have not been accepted by customer convenience.
(3) As for replacement by size differences, etc., it is accepted only for non-used items, etc.
Please contact us for more information, as it is different from the product.
(Only if you have contacted within 7 days from the arrival of the product.)
(4) Regardless of the preceding paragraph, you can not accept cancellations, returns, and replacement for the following products.
· Products that were opened and used products
· Products that have elapsed 8 days or more after arrival
· Products with scratches and dirt under customers
· Food and drink (including health food), floriculture and other organisms
· Product without package (bag / case)
· Products processed for customers, such as order products and products
· Other products that can not be returned to the product introduction page (Please contact the inquiry window for details)
(5) If there are obvious defects in the product or if it is misunderstood, the sales stores will be borne by the shipping cost for returned goods.
In the case of size exchange, returns and replacement due to customer's convenience, shipping costs will be borne by the customer.
11. guarantee
Except for the case described in the preceding article, we do not guarantee any warranty for defects of products sold.
12. Other Notes
(1) There is something limited to the sales volume for the product, and it may not be possible to deliver due to sold out.
(2) Some of the items to be delivered may differ slightly with the product that you guided on the website due to the manufacturer's specifications etc.
(3) Product photography published on the website is a photo of a real thing, but if you look at the monitor, it may differ from the case where the color tone is directly visible.
(4) We will not be responsible for any responsibility for emails delivered from our company to our customers and the problems caused by customers, and issues caused by garbled characterization.
(5) When some products are ordered and some products are out of stock, our discretion may deliver from all of the items ordered.

Article 16 Agreement Jurisdiction
With regard to this site, with our members and members, the Nagoya District Court is an exclusive agreement jurisdiction.

Article 17 Provided
Japan law applies to the establishment, efficacy, performance and interpretation of this term.