Notation based on the Act on Specified Commercial Transactions

Operating person in charge Morimoto

Phone number 090-5274-0774

Address 〒 485-0023 Komaki City, Aichi Prefecture 1462-1

Email Address





· Nationwide uniform (1,100 yen)

· If you purchase more than 25,000 yen, it is uniform in Japan


· Calculated automatically at the time of purchase.

· Please note that customers will be borne by shipping costs for customs duties.

[Order Method] Internet

【payment method】

·credit card


· Various bank vocational

※ Excuse me, but the transfer fee will be paid by the customer.

· PayPal

Credit card information is strictly managed at this site. Moth


Shop Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay

【Due date for payment】

Thank you for your order from 7 days.

[Delivery time]

Please note that it will take about one week to one month depending on the product.

About returned goods / exchange

In principle, it is unused and within 7 days. If you wish to return or exchange, please be sure to contact you in advance by email.

[In the case of return / exchange by our convenience]

Shipping We will quickly pay attention to our company.

[In the case of return / exchange by customer convenience]

Only unopened and unused products are available at the shipping customer burden.

If additional charges etc. occur by replacement, you will be paid by bank transfer. In this case, the transfer fee in this case will be borne by the customer.

【Return / Not Replaceable matter】

· Embroidered products / Other-ordered products / Named products and used products and products and products after arrival, damage and foubled goods for goods and customer convenience, we can not accept returns and exchange products. .