Refund policy

About returned goods / exchange

In principle, it is unused and within 7 days. If you wish to return or exchange, please be sure to contact you in advance by email.

[In the case of return / exchange by our convenience]

Shipping We will quickly pay attention to our company.

[In the case of return / exchange by customer convenience]

Only unopened and unused products are available at the shipping customer burden.

If additional charges etc. occur by replacement, you will be paid by bank transfer. In this case, the transfer fee in this case will be borne by the customer.

【Return / Not Replaceable matter】

· Embroidered products / Other-ordered products / Named products and used products and products and products after arrival, damage and foubled goods for goods and customer convenience, we can not accept returns and exchange products. .

【About order cancellation】

(1) Cancel can be canceled within 24 hours from the order date and time.
If you would like to cancel the contract, please contact your site contact window.
(2) Cancellation after product delivery etc., etc. will be accepted only if the shipped product is different from defective or ordered products.
(Only if you have contacted within 7 days from the arrival of the product.)
Please note that cancellation and returned goods have not been accepted by customer convenience.
(3) As for replacement by size differences, etc., it is accepted only for non-used items, etc.
Please contact us for more information, as it is different from the product.
(Only if you have contacted within 7 days from the arrival of the product.)
(4) Regardless of the preceding paragraph, you can not accept cancellations, returns, and replacement for the following products.
· Products that were opened and used products
· Products that have elapsed 8 days or more after arrival
· Products with scratches and dirt under customers
· Food and drink (including health food), floriculture and other organisms
· Product without package (bag / case)
· Products processed for customers, such as order products and products
· Other products that can not be returned to the product introduction page (Please contact the inquiry window for details)
(5) If there are obvious defects in the product or if it is misunderstood, the sales stores will be borne by the shipping cost for returned goods.
In the case of size exchange, returns and replacement due to customer's convenience, shipping costs will be borne by the customer.