Makoto Surface Mask 3 pieces 1 Set Free Size

Makoto Surface Mask 3 pieces 1 Set Free Size

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· Non-woven fabric with high splashing effect
· I can not use it but it can be used repeatedly though it is a non-woven fabric
Not stick sucking mouth at-violent breathing
· Official match correspondence

Even if you have a great deal of breathing, you will not suck in the nose and oral
Since it is covered to the nose, it prevents splashes! Because of the stereoscopic type, a gap can be gap between the nose and mouth and it is easily breathed.

Strong and long-lasting peace of mind Japanese technology
Produced at the sewing plant of Tokushima and Osaka. A factory that has lost work at Corona and sewing Awa dance "Easy" and a factory that sews "袱" in Osaka.
It is manufactured with a Japanese technology that is relieved by one sheet.

Highly breathable mask made of polyester material hard non-woven fabric
A specialized woven non-woven fabric, which has selected and selected materials suitable for the most breathable from among non-woven fabrics produced in Japan

3 pieces 1 set free size

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