SUGIDOCO "dove wheat bran" starter set (with elements of the floor bran dove wheat)

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■ cedar DoCoMo body one (size, vertical 17cm × horizontal 26.5cm × height 11cm)
■ bran floor set 1 set of dove wheat
(Containing 30g of rice bran 450 g × 2 Moshio 60g umami ingredients dove wheat)
Immediately to the wheat bran pickles life if it is possible to mix your water of 500cc ~ 600cc you can start.

About dove wheat]
Dove wheat contains twice the protein compared to rice and wheat, rich in minerals and nutrients, such as potassium, iron, vitamin B1 · B2 · niacin, in addition to including the rice of 8 times the dietary fiber it is said that there.
I will deliver, bran of dove wheat was stuck to the dove wheat of domestic that can origin certification and cultivation history and quality certification, such as Fukuoka Prefecture and Toyama Prefecture.

It is characterized by less smell overwhelmingly than rice bran floor.

About Moshio]
The Moshio is very often your salt of minerals that Takikon together a seaweed such as hijiki or Sargassum at the time of salt production.
Nagasaki Prefecture Tsushima of particularly beautiful, pumped seawater of the high degree of transparency place, is a natural salt that was finished by hand over craftsmen 30 hours.

[For the original flavor component]
Shiitake Fukuoka Prefecture of carefully nurtured was Itoshima mushroom farm in an environment that incorporates the water and the sun of Shiraito Falls in Itoshima to powder, it was added to the kelp.
In a synergistic effect, such as Guniaru acid, glutamic acid, and increase the flavor of bran floor.

SUGIDOCO is a revolutionary bran box do not need a water drain that uses a natural cedar of Kyushu.
Taking advantage of the humidity control action with the cedar, it is possible to minimize the effort of the water drain.
You do not notice most of the people is also a bran box at room temperature in the scent of wood.
Size is also within the refrigerator, but it is fashionable in the normal temperature of the kitchen.
If the temperature exceeds 25 degrees, so go lactic acid bacteria fermentation, it is recommended that you put in the refrigerator.

Note), but we pay the latest of attention, because it is a bran of additive-free pristine,
Suppressing the occurrence of insects, also serves as the prevention of oxidation of bran oil, please use as soon as bran floor if possible. If you want to save plus for the bran, is recommended refrigerator or freezer.

By all means, please enjoy the fun bran pickled life delicious cedar DoCoMo

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