Sugidoco dedicated takako's set of 2 pieces of floor

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It is an element of 600 g of the floor tailored to the size of the doko.
Cooking researcher Makoto Supplementary Supplementary Supplementary Supplementary Supplementary Floor
You can make delicious or pickles with a nuko pickled beginner.

If you are addicted, add the same amount of water as the number of grams of burns.

TAKAKO's Naruka Floor Blade (600 g each)

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Commitment points (introduction of carefully selected materials)
· Pesticide non-use, chemical fertilizer unused rice
It is used mainly in Fukuoka Prefecture, and I'm stir-fry, so there is a fragrant flavor.
As it is fluffy than normal nukular, adding water is not like clay.
Caution) I am paying the latest attention, but because it is unnecessary,
Use it on the floor as well as to reduce the occurrence of insects and to prevent oxidation of the oil. If you want to save as a foothold, a refrigerator or a freezer is recommended.

· Hiroken salt
Hibiki (Japan Sea of ​​Yamaguchi Prefecture from the North of Fukuoka Prefecture) Continued with a clean seawater with 18 meters of transparency
Salt made of boiled and freshly boiled. It is a delicious salt containing the ingredients.
· Chizaki's dried bonito
You can add delicious seaweed (inonositic acid).
· Hokkaido road southern product and kelp
The taste (glutamic acid) of kelp can be added. ※ Both inosic acid and glutamic acid are
A synergy effect of umami takes place by entering the floor. It is said that the taste feels 8 times.
Use the peppers of the local (Fukuoka Chikugo area) mainly
· In combination of original drying hood
Focusing on the Chikugo River Basin, affordable agricultural products are completed by commercial exclusive machines and in original drying hood
Did. Fruits of fruits differ depending on the season, and you can feel the season of season
It is an element.

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Food Style Lake Cooking Researcher Nanabata Kako

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