Sugidoco Starter & Nukaku Tray Set

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I did not drain, and I made a set of turkish trays to the groundbreaking box without getting tired.
As we can start picking up from the day we arrived, we also have the elements of the floor.
It is only possible to make delicious or pickles just by mixing 600 cc water.
Enjoy and enjoy Western vegetables such as large daikon radish and carrots and avocado and paprika.

Natural cedar wood grain is beautiful and recommended for gifts.
Serve with plenty of pickles and with rice and miso soup. When you enjoy with alcohol, taste

set content
■ Easy Doko Sugidoco 1 piece (outside of the main unit: Vertical 17 cm × horizontal 26.5 cm × height 11 cm)
■ Nuka pickled tray 1 piece (external size: Vertical 17 cm × horizontal 26.5 cm × height 11 cm)
■ Watanabe-san House House Nuka Floor Materials (600 g)

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