SUGIDOCO Starter Set & Footing

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It is too late to be started, and the doco body was set to the static floor of the floor and the foot of the foot of the feet.
Nuka box made of 100% natural cedar is not easy to drain, and can enjoy easy-to-be-pickled pickles at home. Since the cedar's braided box is at normal temperature, it is almost likely to look at it, and it is fashionable, so the kitchen will be fun.

1 Sugidoco 1 piece (outside of the main unit: 15 cm × horizontal 26.5 cm × height 11 cm)
2Takako-san House Nukaku pickle 600g 2 bags
A fluffy pickled egg with a good safety material.
Pesticide unused and chemical fertilizer unused Fukuoka Prefecture born from rice and pillow, petal salt and pillow bonito section,
Mixed southern products, Kelp, Fukuoka Prefecture's nails, the crops of fruits grown in Chikugo River basin
Did. Depending on the season, drying hood (such as persimmon skin) is different.
It is a taste with fluffy and delicious.

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