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Exploration of texture and texture
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Beginner-Kendo Settings Set to Handle Widely to Experienced

Childhood and adults have an armor size.
Combination freedom (eg face / childhood vertical / small hand / middle)
※ Oversized can not be combined.
Sickening 6mm Total Upholes
Sticking name alignment
Dark blue naname sashimi

Surface: Cloud-shaped surface of the woven part in the brain careta part Naname cut specification
It looks beautiful by aligning the sights of the field of the field and the eye, and the beautiful mold is getting better.
The brain caries are expressed in a talented tetrooth, which is essential for special sensation and a sense of view of a sense of luxury. Although the flood part is not good, it is not good, but because it has a moderate kosi, it does not prevent the movement of the game.

House: Total Wife
Compared to the left, it takes a slight thickness to the right straw-handed duvet. There is no difference in the thickness of the left and right, so there is no sense of discomfort at use. Since the wrist is soft, it does not require extra power when holding a bamboo sword.

Torus: The top of the top and dark breasts is a dense creation of the entire armor, a sense of luxury and a balance of dark blue nanommunity and the main cloud S decoration. For childhood ~ large size torso is a general squared stand (back black), and oversized size is 64 types (back red). In addition, I am also tailored by the genuine leather stitching and returned Beri.

Pendarization: Total Weaving Seeds 5-Stage Destiner Staring Cross-Located Face Tool Eyes
In addition to large vertical, small vermin, vulgar is a sense of luxury in the void. Understood, cloud shapes by the weaving ground are firmly included. As with the face, the softness and reasonable koshi are good texture and have a sense of lightness and a sense of stability.
The papermacle is a tapered specification that is easy to connect.

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