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It is a set of burns.

Please take care of the seedling of the flood and the ingredients of the barley floor.
■ You can use it as the first boost floor.
In that case, please mix 500 to 600cc water too much.
There is no dumping vegetables and can be picked up vegetables right away.

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Commitment points (introduction of carefully selected materials)
· Hato Barley no or 450g × 2 bags
In rice and millet rice milling and threshing, Watanabe Agricultural and Watastabe, which boasts the West Japan Top Share.
Domestic production from Fukuoka Prefecture and Toyama Prefecture was committed to domestic production and wheat.
* It is characterized by that the smell is overwhelmingly less than rice.

· 60 g of octopus salt of Nagasaki Prefecture
The algal salt is a very large salt of minerals that cooked with Hijiki and Honda Wara together.
Even in Tsushima, it is especially beautiful, and the seawater with high transparency places is raised, and craftsmen with seaweed
It is a natural salt that cooked for 30 hours.

· The ingredients of the Umami ingredients
We blended with the best balances where the seaweed was maximized by the goodwill and the domestic kelp and dried bonito with Sakai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Fukuoka Prefecture.
The synergistic effect of inosic acid and grutamic acid in the Umami ingredients is nurturing the floor.

Sold source Joint company not not

Hato Barley: Watanabe Agricultural Products
Alga salt: Mori no friends
Umami ingredients of ingredients: Kosuko Itoshima Farm

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