Red Location MUGEN Kendo Set | West Nippon Budotapure

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Red Location MUGEN Kendo Set | West Nippon Budotapure
Evolution system of ease of use

Surface: Antimicrobial Case (Antimicrobial) · Species & Weathered Heliaturation · Duvet Naname Stab
Pursuing lightness too, it is not safe to have safety, and it is over-it, from the thing of the "preventing" protection. Lightness and ease of use, safety and durability, it is "red room" that we followed in the middle of its balance.

Hi: Tiano Heris-Heri-Helk, Hands Uchine
Light that feels at the time of the time is directly connected to the quick swing. It is this A series that you have made more fine adjustments from among the many patterns. You can use deer briefs in your hands.

Torus: A reinforced resin botter, return Beri. Naname total

Pendarization: Previous Ho-Hojin, Heliaturation, 5-Level
The sloppy belly to the limit eliminates the limitation of the movement of the body. In addition, in order to make the foot lot more smooth, there is a commitment to the sorcerated part, large vertical and swallowing softness. Simply have a good thickness but a good thickness, so its texture can be considered as "smooth".

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