Honor (horses) polarizer pounding kendo set (Made in Japan × Takejo Masuho | West Nippon Budotometer × Japan Swords Tool Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

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Honor (horsework) Veryworked Bonds Set | West Nippon Budotometric × Nippon Sword Tool Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Takejo Masamoto xen

A soft texture can be reached by stabbing 8mm tattles with a large 2 and 5 mm pitch. Surface hats and plants, which are truncated sites, are tailored at 4 mm (2.5 mm pitch).

Surface: 8mm Naname (2.5mm pitch), face hat 4mm (2.5 mm pitch), floor 4mm Naname (2.5mm pitch), helical tailoring, clan IBB dura (back gray specification), inner ring cotton , Grand dark naname stab, 4 steps

Small hand: Total woven sashimi tailoring, small hand fabric 8mm / 4mm tattoo, sight 2.5mm pitch, hand inner and micro punch, wrist is a good jet specification

Pendarization: 5 steps, large vertical, vertical, grossband, lightweight tailoring

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