Honor (horserewth) Makitori Kenji Kendo Kendo set in Japan × Takejo Masuo | West Nippon Budotometer × Japan Swords Tool Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

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Honoring (Honhairu) Takumi Kidsu Set | West Nippon Budotometric × Japan Sword Tool Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

10mm stabbing
Surface hat 5mm sashimi helical helical
Creature is compilated and has a complicated construction of 10 mm with a thread of 2.5 mm, achieving a unlikely texture of Kosi

The face hat, which is the truncation site, is also stabbed at 5 mm of 2.5 mm pitch. It will be a more firm construction by this.

Receive the first harass of bamboo sword to be driven by the front (front hat), absorb the shock of the cracking sword with 10 mm in cushion and cushioned.

Surface: 10mm Picture (2.5 mm Pitch), Face Cap 5mm (2.5 mm Pitch), Hele-Helk Tailing, Condyline IBB Jura (Back Gray Specification), Urban Cotton, Ago Naname Cotton (4-Stir) )

Small hand: Total woven sashimi tailoring, 10mm / 5M tattoo, thread 2.5mm pitch, hand inner and micro punch, wrist is a good jet specification

Pendarization: 5 steps, large vertical, pituits, special pounding, eyebrows, lightweight tailoring

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