Prawn Jr. (Junior) 6mm Nanommunity for Naname Bite for Japan × Takejo Martial Arts | West Nippon Martial Arts × Nippon Sword Tool Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

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Prawn Jr. (Junior) 6mm Nanommunity for Naname Bite for Japan × Takejo General Dynasty | West Nippon Martial Arts × Japan Sword Tool Manufacturing Heliatel

Surface: 6mm Nanommunity 4mm pitch helical
Jura Turning Back Red Round Round Cotton
Jaw✕Decorative 3-stage flexible vertical I character W chain type
It is safe to use domestic material, because it is safe to be safe for children, and it is domestic production using domestic materials, so it can be used with confidence.
Since the face hut is a tertiary, it is lightweight, lightweight, and lightweight, and is excellent in sweat absorption and breathability as compared to the light weight. Hiring with a cleared W chain as a flexible ornament
The brain carpenting part, which is the truncated site, has a cushioning and thickness, and a flexible flexible is softly finished to prevent the movement of the bamboo sword.

House: Total Total Wife

By using Ultras Eedo tea in your hand, it is easy to hold even small children nearby. The wrist part is also the same for the lone specification and the head of the broth to give softness.

Pendarization: Total tie helical hyperpendicum 4-stage W chain decorative woven
When a small child thinks that it is easy to move, it is better to be lightweight, but thinking about protecting the body from the deviation of the frash and is not produced thinner than necessary.
It will be familiar with the use of it.

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