Faller MUGEN FRY Real Battle Teat Fuft Nanommunication | West Nippon Budotapure

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Faller MUGEN FRY Real Battle Teat Fuft Nanommunication | West Nippon Budotapure

Executively eliminated ornament and improve the practical type of next era

Junior high school student ~ recommended.

Surface: Ago is a dark blue nanommunication 4 stage decoration.
Infinite FRY specialized for practical practice. The adhesion of the head increases with a 6 mm core part of the surface of the face, and it becomes impossible to deviate to the quick movement at the time of match.
In addition, it leads to shock absorption at the time of treatment by having a thickness. The vertical is tailored to 4 mm to slightly scrape the core material and have a koshi, so it is tailored to prevent the movement of the arms and arms as much as possible. Simple tabulatory is sweat-absorbed compared to the jacket.

House: The evaluation obtained with "red room" is taken over to the non-illusion.
A hand-made House is connected to the safety cheap in the actual battle. The wrist "chain ornament" is a place where you can feel the goodness of the mobility.
The inside of the hand is adopted for micro punch, but the strength etc. is considered to be the whole of the hand, and it is processed only near the center.

Torter: The fantasy FRY cylinder adopts a dedicated thoracic speculation than the others.
Popular dark blue nanommunity stabbed squeaker, plus small width✕It is finished by stab. Have a sharp impression that has a bribe.
Rikuji, return Berry tailor.

Pendarization: A pendulum simply focused to support the quick movement, not the burden of the foot. Adjust the thickness in mm units and compatible with lightness and texture. It is also regarded as a tertiary of the 5st step and a tertier, and the type of horny type. It is a tapering specification that is easy to tackle.

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