[Bushu] Bushu positive indigo made in Japan Watahakama blanched already # 8800

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[Bushu] Bushu positive indigo made in Japan Watahakama blanched already # 8800

It is recommended for leaders and examination.

Daiga dyes do not have scientific materials. Since the skin is gone and bactericidal, it is also effective in scratches, which is also effective in the drain effect, deodorizing and moisturizing. It is said to strengthen the yarn itself.

About handling of indigo dyed product
ColorSo please do not wash with other laundry.
Do not use detergents.
Detergent scientific substances disassemble the dye of the dye. The color is gradually falling, and it is characterized by a good texture. If you use a detergent, you will lose your texture.
※ WashPlease avoid using the rinsing machine.
If it is used, not only the mold breakage, but also friction occurs depending on the friction.
Please avoid using the dryer
When used, the fabric is damaged and contraction increases.

Washing method
1 Place the lukewarm water soaking and soaking a mackerel.
Two ways are expanding, and the mental is immersed in a state of preparing the dip.
3 Press and wash.
4 Pull the water and press from the top to cut it from the top.
5 With the ferrid ferrid, hang it and hang it on the hanger and hanger. I will discolute it as a day.
Six pieces are dry after dry and pulled down and pulled down, and if you like to sleep, it will be beautiful.

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