Handmade Keiyo Cherry Long Law Smooth Piece Massage Sandals Moodwork for Nippon Gentleman, Women Free Size

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★Massage full of feet!

★Massage full of feet!
* I finished natural grass into a string-like rope, and finished it into a tatami style.
* The uneven part of the rope is moderately stimulates the point of the foot and gives a good massage effect.
* Because breathable is good, it is comfortable comfortable and comfortable without feeling of foot.
* The bottom part is less likely to be fatigue and easy to get tired and excellent eVA resin with excellent elasticity and durability.
* Because you are making a deep groove with a unique mountain cutting cut processing, it will prevent slippage.
* Heel: About 3 cm for men, approximately 3,8 cm for women
For gentlemen: About25.0 ~ 27.0cm
For women: About22.0 ~ 25.0cm

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