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★Japanese-Products Using Masturbation Manually Making Masturbation!

★Japanese-Products Using Masturbation Manually Making Masturbation!
A slightly fragrant grass smell calms down.
* One foot 1 footpoke is manually created carefully until the end.
* The part of the platform to carry the foot uses domestic books.
Therefore, it is excellent in breathability and is hard to steam even in summer hot times.
* Compared to other grasses, the heel and part is designed high.
It is a 4 cm heel, not too low, and there is also a weak height with a height.
In addition to the appearance, the foot sole is less likely to leave the grass by increasing the heel.
If you are walking if you are not used to it, you will get away from the sole when you go up your legs.
However, by increasing the part, the grass is difficult to leave, and reduces the burden on the dose (the crotch between the thumb and the index finger).
* The bottom material is used to use EVA using EVA, as well as outside the out-of-room wear.

M size: 23 cm around 23 cm
L size: around 24 cm

紺, (upper right of photos), all three colors of pink

目 ◇ 方 方 ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇
Please wear it as much as possible.
□ Caution □
※ Because of all craftsmen's handmade, the pattern of Skys can not be completely left-right symmetry.
Also, one by one, the position of the handle is slightly different.

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