Kendo Introduction Full Sets Childhood / Recommended Sword Tool for Boys Recommended for Children Starting from now on

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A full set of recommendations to children starting

Product content

Kendai: Ease of air stretch jersey
The adoption of the fabric (stretch material) to be extended can feel the movement of the body, especially the movement of the arm smoothly.

Shrimp: Dry juris
For the table and middle dadding, it is likely to break down to the normal bag.
It is easy to take care of quick drying, so you can easily care at home.

Bamboo sword bag: NR one-touch type
You can store bamboo swords with one touch. It is convenient for carrying with a negative string. 34 for 37, you can choose the length to the age of your child.
You can choose your favorite color from all 9 colors.

Milling bag: NR Boston
Nylon Ruck Boston
Lucky, small children also have easy to carry armor bag
Convenient to put accessories in the outer pocket
You can choose your favorite color from all 9 colors.

A single set of kendo: 7 m / m
Easy-to-use and durable 7 m / m Sashimatter
Most Standard Introduction Series for Children
It is a long-lasting design, but it is always easy to review the material used and it is easy to use.
Change to the red barrel is +3000 yen

Bamboo Sword: 1 Completed Product (with Rubber Mitsuba / Transferred)
You can choose a bamboo sword tailored to your child's height.

Name tag: Haliron
You can fill out the affiliated name.

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