[Another note] illegal LIGHT (lightweight) kendo set hand-style finish practice type 鎧 手 仕 | West Nippon Budota

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[Another note] illegale Light Kendo set

Hand-style finishing practical type 鎧 手 仕 | West Nippon Budotometer

Special Household felt, special core, and texture of high-grade cotton weave. I added fine quality to ease of use. The lightweight Light uses duralumin to the countermin to make it lighter. Head is a luxury sorting.

Special Hojiro Heli Escape

Surface: Jurarmin Condylion / Species & Hoji Heli Solkites Tails

House: Total Total Total Terms · Helicy Battery · Hands in the Eyel

Cylinder: 50-type reinforced resin cylinder

Pendulum: Professional welcome and helicopter

Specific Hojira Helica Jin

Surface: Jurarmin Condyls and Tianwaku Help Hollars Daejeon Tails

Hi: Total Total Fabric Helic Eye Kida Leather and Hands Deer Screws / Armor Specifications

Cylinder: 50-type reinforced resin cylinder

Pendarization: Private weaving ground, helicopter deer jail tailor

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